All I Know

All I know
for sure is that
the world will change
because I will change.
Changes from within.
Changes not imposed.

Pre-requisitory changes
to move unto ourselves.

That is who we are.
We could refuse change.
But can’t stop change.
Our innate self craves change.

When resist
we fight.
The forces within are too great.
Let go.

Why fight? We hold on
for security.
But it’s false.
It’s not at all who we are
at our core.
It’s not at all.

We are not
but of flowing nature.
Why resist?
When we can release.

Change is the only constance
so they say.
Change cannot be
That is all I know
for sure.

Some change will seem unjust,
some will deem unwanted.
But they are mandatory.
They are our compulsory.

They move us
unto who we are.
One with no judgement.
The one who is truly,
the one.

All I know
for sure is that I will come closer.
I will pace forward to admire
and claim all my joy and wonder
from within.

Know who you are.
Know your core.
In darkness, find light.
However dim,
however slight.

Return and ponder.
Curiosity motions forward.
My next gesture is
all I know.

For sure
that I will endure
all the change.
I will have courage
to expose horizontal at my core —
translucent and changed.

Less Cornered

We are called
to the centre
to the braves.

Centre stage
we brace.

Wherever that place
we may sway.

Together we pray
not without rage.

Centre behold
we are here —
less cornered.

But never to stay
always an encounter
then retract
the chase remains.

“Less cornered” is a term originated from David Whyte, author of Consolations, The Solace, Nourishment and Underlying Meaning of Everyday Words